Chabad Lubavitch of Lithuania

Lithuania is a country replete with Jewish history, and its capital city Vilna (Vilnius today) was know as “Yerushalayim de Lita” due to its history as a world famous center of Jewish scholarship and tradition. Tragically, the advent of World War II saw the destruction of most of Lithuanian Jewry, and the ensuing 50 years of Soviet occupation snuffed out any chance of a revival.

Since 1994, Chabad Lubavitch of Lithuania has been serving the Jews of Lithuania, as well as tourists from all over the world, working hard to rebuild a semblance of that which was destroyed, by providing social welfare and educational services to Jewish families across Lithuania. To this end, numerous institutions and activities have been created, including a kindergarten and full twelve-grade day school, adult education programing, community wide Holiday programming, and a thorough array of welfare activities that provide for the young and elderly in need, in a dignified manner.

We hope you enjoy reading about our activities, which are certain to inspire. From what the past years has already brought to the country, you can trust that Chabad of Lithuania will continue to deliver the best of Jewish education and welfare services, while providing services to visitors to this country.