Day School

Our approach to education is to instill in students Jewish values from Lithuania of yesteryear and the academic and spiritual tools to guide young people throughout life.

To this end, the Menachemo Namai Day School began with two classes and 13 pupils in 1996. The first twelfth grade graduating class finished their studies in 2001. These young men and women were the first to graduate a Jewish School since before World War II!

Since then, the Menachemo Namai Day School has been successful in educating hundreds of Jewish children about their religion and traditions, and imbuing them with a positive sense of their Jewish identity in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our carefully designed curriculum endeavours to create a learning environment catering to the individual needs of our students and fostering independent thought and creativity within a wholly Jewish framework. Our Jewish studies program parallels an excellent and highly regarded secular studies program. We aim to incorporate a unique approach to spiritual and moral development, with a caring, individual approach to help each child become the best that they can be.

“Growing up in my home we had very little in the way of Jewish experiences. My year in the school gave me a new appreciation of Judaism – our culture and heritage – that I treasure to this day.”

Miriam Denisov, Alumna

Lithuania’s Jewish School Kicks Off New Academic Year

On September 1st Jewish Day School Beit Menachem opened its doors to schoolchildren for the ninth year in a row.

“We have created a special atmosphere of a Jewish family here at our school,” explained Hebrew teacher Nikita Meitin. The skills and knowledge that schoolchildren receive at our school meets the highest standards of Jewish schools.

Twelfth-grader Sarah Kazhdaya said, “This year I am going to receive my high school diploma. The main goal of our teachers is to develop our personality and to teach Jewish traditions. They also use a creative approach in teaching the basic disciplines. This is a home, with surroundings that provide the best conditions for our development. Mrs. Dina Krinsky has put so much energy into this school. Thanks to such efforts, Jewish children of Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus have had the opportunity to receive a proper Jewish education for the past eight years here.”

The school also tries to keep in contact with its graduates. Beit Menachem alumnus Miryam Levina had this to say about the school: “We are all friends here and take care of each other. In the school, I found my best friends, with whom I continue to celebrate Jewish holidays and Shabbat. At the school, the teachers were very attentive and kind to us. They use an individualized approach tailored to every pupil and their level of teaching is very high. It even allowed me to go study in London. Our motto is that one must always strive for the best and attain his or her goal in spite of difficulties.”

Ida Golod, a teacher of Jewish tradition affirmed, “At our school, we do not just create the conditions for studying Jewish traditions, but also for observing them. Here, children have kosher meals, recite morning prayers and blessings before and after the meals, and enjoy Jewish holidays. The wisdom of our books also helps them in their everyday life.”

With the opening of the Jewish school, its Director Irina Yasovich stated, “I am happy to work at this school. We have a friendly and professional staff, keen pupils, caring parents, self-sacrificing and thoughtful teachers. What else does a person need for effective work? I wish all our students good luck and a fruitful school year.”