Site of Holy Ark Uncovered in Excavations of Great Synagogue of Vilnius

The site of the Aron Kodesh, or Holy Ark of The Great Synagogue of Vilnius dating back to the end of the 16th century, was recently uncovered in the excavations of this historically significant synagogue. Lithuania’s Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius visited the site Friday to view the synagogue’s excavated fragments and attend as 25 Jewish Lithuanian students of the local Beis Menachem school prayed there.

“For us it is very important to bring back an authentic part of Lithuanian history which included  the history of the Jewish community,”  the Prime Minister told in a phone interview after the modest ceremony. The findings so far, he said, “are important not only for Lithuania, but for the global Jewish community. It is a powerful symbol of both a great Jewish heritage, a great tragedy when the entire Jewish community was destroyed, and it is a very powerful symbol for the Jewish future.”

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